Spectator Guide

You have never been on a rally and you want attend ? This page is for you! The rally is a unique spectacle, follow my guide and you will not be disappointed, believe me!

Above all, don't expect watching too much... I know you would hope to see the maximum number of stages but you risk seeing nothing! I thus advise you to plan to see two stages per day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. This will give you time to move about between stages, or choose only one stage which is run on several occurences. Watch out, if you decide to go on two different stages, make sure there is enough time gap to travel to the other stage, because of the growing popularity of this sport, you risk arriving late and being forced to park far away from the rally route and too far from the best spots to watch the first competitors pass. I can tell you that it is very frustrating.

Make sure you have a map and study your itinerary. It will be necessary to find good roads to reach the stages and to find a good place to park. The nice trick that I can give you is not to take the advised access roads, they are very quickly saturated, instead take the small, quiet roads and you will realize that it is much faster.

Now, you have to prepare your "package", for that, start by getting a good backpack. Inside, you will need a good map which enabled you to find the roads/places you need. You will also need to take something to eat because you will spend time walking and waiting with out anything to do. A good raincoat or a waterproof blanket will be useful to sit on the snow or grass in order to watch passing competitors without getting soaked. You will want to take a camera or camcorder to shoot or film these great moments. Lastly, I advise you to take along a bike, a child's scooter if this is possible or I don't know what other means of transport to go back to your car after the race because it can save you a lot of time.

As regards to clothes : hot clothing, gloves, cap/woolly hat, thick coat and walking shoes are required (for the Monte Carlo of course).

Also pay attention not to leave too late... Better be ready than sorry !

Now that your bag is packed here are some precautions:

1) If you come by car on the stage, park it without obstructing anybody and especially not the access path for the test and safety services.

2) Do not take any risks such as crossing the road between two passages if you do not have visibility. Keep well away from the passing cars as it is very dangerous and you can get seriously injured!

3) The most important thing for you to remember is "Am I safe where I am standing/watching the rally", the areas indicated in red on the diagrams below show where you must NOT be. If the driver misses a fast bend or brakes too late on a junction, he could easily use you to slow down if you know what I mean.

Finally, thank for not throwing snow or rocks on the road, for the sake of security. It would be very silly to see another time what happened in 2005 : Solberg and Grönholm had to retire after having slipped on a plate of snow deposited by spectators. Firstly, it puts everybody in danger and secondly it disturbs the rally. Thank you !

And please respect the environment.

Now, I wish you a very good rally! Be safe, let me know how you got on and send me your pictures, videos and comments of the Turini by email.