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The Monte Carlo Rally has been run 73 times. During this period it has won the respect of all drivers, both old and new. The Turini is a mythical stage incorporating all of the characteristics that have made this event one of the most difficult rallies, but at the same time probably the most exciting and splendid.

Culminating at an altitude of 1607m, the Col de Turini has been the arena where the best drivers in rally history have demonstrated their skills for the assembled fans. Difficult and dangerous, this stage has caught out many drivers. Larousse, Thérier, Waldegård, Delecour, McRae, Grönholm or Solberg are just some of the many drivers that have had trouble over the Turini stage. But it is also there that these rally legends made their names, and it is this paradox that gives the stage its mystique.

Also legendary for its "Night of Turini", this stage attracts thousands of fans each year and provides a fitting showcase for the spectacular and dangerous sport of rallying.

To this day, this stage created for itself a great history and has an aura without equal, becoming a legend you can live here fully.


The Monte Carl' returns to Turini after a sad year "without". 2008 will be a beautiful Monte Carl' ! But the site col-de-turini will not be on. No more space, no more time and a passion that has focused elsewhere ...
Since one never wearies images of the Night of Turini, I have just put online a new video of this mythical moment.
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Photos, results and great moments of Turini 2006 are online. In preparation a video.
To celebrate the 20 years of the the Monte Carlo 1986, which was the last one where we could see Group B cars, Franck Vadaine made a Carte Criterium of the last leg of this edition, finished by the Night of Turini.
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All history of the Turini behind the objective of the great names of the photo... Nowon the section "Photos" is enriched by tens of photographs from 1956 to our days! A great thank to Franck Vadaine for his researches.
In contribution with Franck Vadaine, alias Criterium (autor of Cartes Criterium and of the collection "Kilometers of legend"), we have done a new map of the Turini. Thus, you can now see the stage in 3D, still with photos of each key places. Click here.
The Turini is a very dangerous and impressive road. To realise of it, anything of such as images. Thanks to send to me your photographs and videos taken on this stage, to make this site more complete and nice. Contact me by email. Thank you.