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It is in April 2003 that this site was born. I wanted, by creating this site, first of all to honour the mythical stage of Turini for what occurred there and for all that it brought to the Rally of Monte Carlo and the rally in general. It was also a mean for me of sharing my experiment and my passion with all the rally fans. It is indeed on this stage that I went to see a rally for the fist time, at the time of the "Night of Turini" which more is... what a memories! Beside that, i wanted also to create a site with a single concept on the Web. One indeed finds plenty of pages about drivers, rallies or photographs, but none goes up to dealing with a stage in particular, while hoping to initiate some extra ones.

Today, the site is with its version 6. Although much having much evolved aesthetically, technically and as regards to the contents, they always remained centered on the Turini stage and I paid a detailed attention to preserve this all along the evolutions. I would even say that I always tried to put this part in front by restructuring on several occasions the site and while bringing always more information. One can also feel it on the design of the site which today reflects much more the spirit of this stage that the first version did not. To give a small history of the versions, I would say that the version 1 was a kind of test to prepare the continuation and to familiarize me with HTML language, it was quickly replaced besides. The version 2 much was provided but deviated a little from the main subject : the aspect was sober and had lost all the spirit of this stage and the follow-up of the season WRC slightly became more important than the Turini. That is why I created the version 3, to give again to the Turini its place : the design has completely been altered to show the beauty and the environment of this mythical stage ; and a significant mass of new information on this Special stage were brought while creating new pages, the creation of the results page for example, where one finds the scoreboards and winners'photos of each stage which passed through the Col de Turini since its beginnings. The successive evolutions of the version 4 (4.0 and 4.1) were similar for the design and the organization is identical ; the notable changes were mainly in the headings, where images replaced hypertexts for links to enter in the various pages. It is at this period that Christian Cazalet - famous and very gifted draughtsman of the RallyesMag review - made me the immense joy of illustrating the home page which you can see today. In the principle, the versions 3 and 4 are in the same spirit : a menu made up of photographs of the Turini and headings which are different by different colors and headings pictures. It the shortly after is animated Turini 2005 that I undertook the version 5. A few weeks later, it was a very new site which was born, radically different visually and especially technically. With this new version were born several headings : Tourism in the neighbourhoods of the Turini, History of the stage, table of the winners and heading videos. I did it again before the Turini 2006, with the version 6, which i decided to do to make the navigation better (with the menu at the left of each page) and to put the spirit of the Monte Carlo. The experience gained these two last years to work on this site (and others) and to look at how the other were made enabled me to carry out a site as I wished it : beautiful, fast, pleasant, practical and complete.

Two key moments in the history of this site were also the creation of the English version which makes it possible today to visit it for people from all over the world ; and the adress change (.com) at the end of 2004 in order to have a better url and to erase all publicity.

Evolution of the site :

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4.0

Version 4.1

Version 5


Webmaster :

Grégoire Germain, born during the Group B era, when the Peugeot 205T16 dominated the rally, lives at 72km from the Col de Turini and fan of Simon Jean-Joseph and Peugeot. Professional dream: sporting journalist to be able to approach this universe more closely.

Proverb of the site :
The Monte Carlo Rally created a myth, I did a site !

Thanks :

Photographers :
Claude Germain (official photographer of the site), Adrià Maferrer, Arndt Komorek, Axel Kindermann, Drew and Darrell Buckley, Fabio Montrucchio, Jean-Louis Riols, Mathieu Pelletier, Matteo Quaglia, Nicolas Bret, Norbert Wissel, Olivier Siatka, Pierre-André Peauger, Pierre-Jean et Paul-Edgar Montanari, Radek Janisch, Thierry Laigle, Yann Fournet, François Rolland, Jean-Claude Fior, Michael Hennebel, Craig Carter, Marcus Graaf (Austrian team-member of OMV Rally Team), Aleix Castillo, Daniel Gym, Rémi Arnould, Juergen Oelke.

Illustrations :
Christian Cazalet (drawing of home), Franck Vadaine (3D views of the stage).

Informations :
Franck Vadaine (informations about WRC and searching photos), Jorge Taborda et januszsz (results of the Turini stages), Philippe Callais (texts of MC1911, 1953, 1973).

Help for english translation :
Joppe Pepels, Chris Lunn, Viktor Lundvall.

And others :
Ott Kaukver, Nikos Katikis, Glen Devenie, Jorge Mora MacBeath, Antonis, Daniel Mompo, Shogo Ogino, Xavier Bernard, Cécile Thorenzi, Sebastien Rey, Pierre Jahan (sophiaoutdoor.com), Philippe Jolly, Zyon, Sylou, waz et rallye.be.