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Jussi Valimaki (driver) - 2004 :

"I really enjoyed to drive SS Turini. That is my favourite special stage in Monte Carlo Rally. Start of the stage is quite fast and there is millions of hairpins! There is also small stones on the road witch makes some places very slippery.. Later on the uphill there starts to be snow and ice! And you never have the correct tyre choice. From the top to downhill it is always scary and very very difficult! Because on the shadows it is on ice... and those places where sun shines it is just wet and you can push hard! But that is the thing what you can just see and hope that it is not on ice... because conditions are changing so quickly! Hope to drive it again in January 2005!!"

Harri Rovanpera (pilote) - 1999 :

"When I think back on my fastest times in the world championship, I particularly remember the Col de Turini, Where I obtained the best time in 1999." (preface of Mille et un Virages 2001 - J-M Pastor)
The worse the conditions, the better his notes ended up working.”- Harri Rovanperä praising his co-driver after winnig the 1999 Col de Turini stage of the Monte Carlo Rally. (www.rovanpera.com)