Guide : Towards the Turini 2006 !
Turini will undoubtedly be, like each year, one of the key moments of the 74th Monte Carlo Rally. Col-de-turini.com OFFERS you THE guide that should make sure you don't miss anything of the show.

1/ Take informations :

For 2006, ACM decided to run the special stage of Turini 3 times , on the 3 occasions the stage will be run in the direction La Bollène - Sospel (31,25km). The crews will thus begin the stage with a 12km rise towards the col on the driest and stiffest slope. The road around the col is likely to be very slippery, icy, even covered with snow depending on the mood of the oftenchanging weather in the days preceeding the rally. Once the col reached ,the remaining 20km of descent, should initially meet a very wet forest of spruce resulting in the worst conditions for the cars and then enjoy a fast flat part upto Sospel in a less sinuous portion. It should be noted that the third run on the Tirini will be the last stage of the rally. All information about this stage may be found in in the "Turini" section.

Turini Stages Times :
Saturday 21st of january 2006 - SS 12 - 16h38
Sunday 22nd of january 2006 - SS 15 - 8h56
Sunday 22nd of january 2006 - SS 18 - 12h45

Road closing time :
120mn before the departure of the first car.
Saturday 21st of january 2006 : 14h38
Sunday 22nd of january 2006 : 6h56

2/ Find a lodging :

To enjoy an easy life on the rally without having to get up hours before in order to reach the stage, the best is to sleep on the premises , in one of the many hotels of La Bollène, Col de Turini, Mounlinet or Sospel. That is all the more advantageous since the organizers will very likely close several roads leading to the Turini to guarantee the good course of other stage on sunday (Col St Roch - Lantosque and Col de Braus - La Cabanette).

Two advises to follow:
- Reserve your housing a long time before, because the rooms are in high demand !
- Do not forget to ask your hotel to send you a PASS, it will be requested by the police officers in charge of the road blocks .

Links to see :
- where to sleep : Listing of hotels and Homes
- Maps to your hotel : Access

3/ Your equipment :

Stay here now to plan your trip. Precautions to be taken, clothes to take with you, easy ways to follow... you will find all these invaluable advises by reading the Spectator Guide. It is of primary importance to travel well equipped,especially to fight the cold (negative temperatures in the morning) because this could spoil your whole day.

4/ Reaching the stage :

You have now to find the road to get to the stage. Start early, because you will not be alone on the road and you'll have difficulties finding a parking place near the stage. Find the proper itinary to use on the Access page.

/!\ The access to the Col de Turini (by Peira Cava) will be very difficult because of SS 13,14,16 and 17. Don't try it on sunday.

5/ Choose a spot :

It is the ultimate stage but certainly the most significant : the choice of the place where you will stay to follow the rally. This spot must guarantee you a nice spectacle, good safety and a view on the racing competitors and it has to last as long as possible. To help decide the choice of the right spot ,look at the pictures of the key places by clicking here.

The spots near access roads (La Bollène, Col de Turini and Sospel) are attended because most easily accessible.

Two possibilities for you :
- You decide to take one of them: start very early, to make sure you find a place there.
- You do not want to be stuck and wish to move freely: go until you find a still deserted place.

6/ Rules to follow :

You are ready and wait for the first car... the show will start ! Thanks to respect the security rules (for drivers as well as spectators), to not disturb the course of the rally and respect the nature ! Find all rules in the Spectator Guide.