Night of Turini

If the Turini became what it is today - famous, popular and mythical -, it is mainly thanks to the "Night of Turini". Each great rally had its stage by night. The Portugal for example had Arganil. The Monte Carl' had no one stage running by nigh but one leg. In fact, the "Night of Turini" was a leg the pilots runed at the end of the rally, during the night between wednesday and thursday, and then between thursday and friday. It took place on many stages : the Turini, La Couillole... True examination of piloting - of courage even -, it is for the drivers one moment of terror. The concentration must be maximum and the copilot notes with as precise as possible. For the public, it is indescribable, the emotion is with its roof, of the unforgettable moments. The "Night of Turini" took place until 1997 as last leg of the rally but the Turini stage were runed by night for the last time in 2002, there was the last stage of the second leg.

The slopes of headlights laid out on the cars for the occasion and illuminant all the valley at each turn, you are deeply dazzled - with the two directions of the term - and only the blows of flash make it possible to identify the cars.

The engine howl in the medium of the deepest black and it is provided with 4 to 6 headlights surpuissants added to the 2 usual ones that they spring on the road where even the most inoffensive turns of day become a nightmare. It is under these conditions that the talent of the pilots really appears. The anticipation and the notes of the copilot then become the only elements which count.

The witnesses, come by thousands to live this magic moment, try to be heated bus at the end of January, the night is frozen and the thermometer posts largely negative values during the night. When one arrives on the stage and that the night starts to fall, it is thus strewn with red gleams (fires) that one discovers the mountain and more the expiry approaches, more the tension is made feel. During a one night time, the safety fences skirting the road reason in all the valley under the blows of the sticks and it is with an impatience without similar that the fans were on the roadsizes to see becoming the largest pilots of the championship. But the cold is quickly forgotten so much the spectacle is beautiful, single and extraordinary.

Silence is total before the first backfires of the cars. The road zigzag along the mountain and with each turn the powerful pencils of light emerge like no share, illuminant to perfection the slope of opposite. When the drivers do pass, it is amazing, not any fault, always as much of control to place their car except for the millimetre, as if the night did not affect them and that the road did not present more difficulties than of day, quite simply incredible, no superlative can qualify that!

For discover this mythical moment, there is only one solution : Download the video bellow !

> Video : La "Nuit du Turini" (4'57 - 49Mb)

> Map of the last leg of MC1986, finished by the Night of Turini