Located at the limit of the National park of Mercantour and in one of the most beautiful forest of spruces of the area, the Turini is a fabulous place to make sports : pedestrian excursion, bicycle and canyoning the summer, ski the winter. Not far from the col is also located L'Authion, key place during the Second World war. You like the sport, the mountain, the beautiful landscapes or even the history, you will love the Turini !

Pedestrian excursions :

At 1607m of altitude and surrounded by beautiful mountains , the Turini is the starting point of many pedestrian excursions, in high mountain if you enter in the park and rise the most tops of the South Alps, or quite simply - but also agreeably - by crossing the kilometers of paths in the splendid Forest of Turini and its sprces more than 50m top. In both cases, you will taste with the joys of stroll in family or of the sporting excursions, within a fresh framework, far from the heat waves of the sea edges, fabulous landscapes all around you, stopping you only to gather raspberries and strawberries along the ways or to contemplate the rich widelife.

Mountain Bike & cyclism :

The MTB practice in the neighbourhoods of the Turini is very appreciated. The paths are narrow, under the trees, on gravel covered by sheets or spines of pine... strong feelings guarantees ! Less stony than in the remainder of the department, mountain bike routes are a pure happiness. If the pleasure is undoubtedly with go, "intense" physical efforts too. Indeed, except some trott punts and on broad tracks, the majority of the paths is addressed to confirmed bikers, because of the significant difference of height and the often vertiginous sides.

You can find a merveillous route on http://1001sentiers.free.fr. It starts at La Bollène, goes up to the Col de Turini by a parallel valley of the one the Monte Carlo stage borrows, the Track of Malagratta, then plunges other side on Moulinet by a single-track marked out VTT-FFC as great as a little, before going up to the col by the vallye of Bévéra and going down to the beginning by a path under wood and arriving under the last hairpin of the road, 3km above La Bollène. As I said it to you, you will be able to cut out this long course (45km) with your own way, while choosing to do only one of the 2 loops around the col or by making both.

Note that the Col de Turini is the starting point of a MTB raid which joined Menton - 55km further. More informations on this race at www.sospelvtt.net.

At half an hour of car, you will find La Colmiane where there is a track of DH track drawn by Nicolas Vouilloz, ten times world champion and now reconverted into rally !

The Turini was climbed 3 times in the Tour de France, that shows well the difficulty, and thus the interest which it presents in road bike. At the choice, 3 rises arrive at the col. You will be able to go up either by La Bollène, or by Sospel, or while coming from Lucéram, the hardest one being that of La Bollène (15 km, 1100m of uneven positive). And if this rise did not satisfy you, you can add the turn of L'Authion.

Winter sports :

The skiable field of Turini is not very famous, it is not less very sympathetic. Far from crowd of the great South Alps ressorts, you will be within a marvellous framework where snow never misses.

Ski resort of Turini - Camp d'Argent :
4 alpine skiing runs (1 green, 2 blue, 1 red), 4 ski lifts, 12 km of cross-country skiing runs.

Near that, which was good for the pedestrian excursions still is for ski of rando and rackets. The beauties will not be erased, quite to the contrary, there just will be more "white".

Other sports :

The throats of Bévéra are very famous for the practice of canyoning. For further information, you can contact Roya Evasion, an organization which proposes many activities of running water : www.royaevasion.com / +33(0)

Not directly on the spot but with poximity of the Turini, the resort of La Colmiane (30min by car) proposes a quantity of activities in summer : Via Ferrata, Accro-Connects... In winter, it is an immense skiable field.

L'Authion : History...

L'Authion was a place of wild combat, firstly when the Comté de Nice became an area of the Duchy of Savoy, then when it became French (1861) and especially at the time of the Second World war (1939-1945) when it was a point of the Maginot line which separe France to Italy.

Today, the vestiges of these battles are still there and you can go there easily, since a tourist tour summer set up to leave you waths every castels and vestiges which look at the italian lands > Map.

For all know about the role of L'Authion in the Second World war : click here (in french).

Before start ...

Before leave, look at the weather, think of taking hot closes (weather changes abruptly in mountain and it is quickly cold) and always take along an IGN map (Reference IGN map of the corner : 3741 OT / TOP25) with you.

Rescue : phone 112 !