Course of a WRC rally

One often considers the rally (and the sport in general) only with the performances of its actors but there is only one facet of the course of a rally, whether it is regional or of world level. Discover here the backgrounds and follow the evolution of a rally, from the beginning to the end.

A rally is composed of three legs (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), divided into timed sectors called the "stages", connected between them by "connections". Before that place takes place Thursday the shakedown and the starting ceremony. The rally finished, one establich the podium, Sunday after midday. How are held each one of these key moments?

Shakedown :

Thursday, the drivers are entitled to a first test before the real one. Indeed, the shakedown is a setting in legs, a first impression of what awaits them for the three days which follow. Especially during this morning, the crews have the occasion to show what they are able, and to adapt to the ground, the roads, the conditions. It is a paramount stage for them.

Ceremony :

Thursday evening, it is the official departure of the rally. In turn, each car pass on the starting podium. This ceremony, very symbolic, is one moment in charge of tension for the crews and staff, just before the race.

Start of a stage :

Stress, tension, rage to overcome... A cell, a countdown, a commissary and a deserted road, the framework is posed. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO! Drivers are launched in the rally. From now, each tenth accounts and each pilot gives all he can. Principal difficulty of this moment: to keep its cold blood and not to leave too early, without what it is the penalty.

Stage :

Slips, jumps, brakes hand, hairpins, the meter which packs, the witnesses who shout and stir up the flags, it is the beauty of the rally to its apogee. The pilot is to the maximum of his concentration, the notes of the co-pilot fuse, a less error and it is the exit, a badly negotiated turn and it is a place in less. For the public, it is great show. It is of course the heart of a rally, it is there that all is played, it is by accumulating the times carried out at the time of all stages that the classification is established.

Connection :

To join the following stage, the pilots must take "opened" roads : that's what we call "connections". Only rules : to respect the highway code and to arrive per hour at the beginning of the following stopwatch.

Super-Stage :

Somes rallies propose to the drivers Super-stages. Organized on an artificial course of short distance, there are stopwatches without much importance for the race, if it is not to divert the public. The concept is all that is easy and spectacular : two pilots clash on two parallel tracks. Guaranteed feelings!

Assistance :

Ô which they suffer the poor cars at the time of a rally. Suspension, engine, tires, carossery, direction, transmission... nothing is saved! Without mechanics, the machines would not live long time. The assistance, limited in time, is a kind of "infirmery" to look after the small sores(adjustments) or the large ones (following an exit, coils torn off, barrels...).

Podium :

The rally is finished, the race made its selection, the classification is established and the winner will be able to enjoy. Two moments : handing-over of prices...
... and celebration of the victory. Champagne and crowd with the program.